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Do you hear what i hear?

Relationships are built on connection. We connect with our world and the people in it through our senses. The sensing organs associated with each sense, send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us ( When we are trying to connect with those we love, listening is an extremely important step that we may struggle with at times. By intently listening, we send our loved one the message that they are valued, loved, and "I truly hear you". One way to show that we are listening and understanding what is being communicated, is by using the mirroring method. The mirroring method is when we reflect back what we heard by saying something like...."what I heard you say is...". We can then double check what we heard by asking "did I get you?" or "did I hear you correctly?". We can always ask if there is more to be understood and heard. We need to listen with curiosity and empathy to truly understand, but most importantly, connect with those we love.

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