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I am Iten Elyassaki, a compassionate Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor experienced in serving many clients with diverse needs. I believe each individual is unique and I want to welcome you to a world of new possibilities. I work primarily with adults needing support with navigating life transitions, stress management, relationship challenges, self-esteem, behavioral issues, trauma, marital discord, parenting difficulties, grief, and addictions. Likewise, I work with those struggling with anxiety, depression, and a variety of mood, personality & mental health disorders.

My work is tailored to target your specific needs in a non-judgmental safe environment. I use a variety of therapeutic interventions to develop a holistic understanding of behaviors, emotions, patterns, and thought processes to better serve you. It is my goal to help you reach your optimum wellness in your journey of personal growth. It is my passion to guide you to gain insight, utilize your strengths and take positive steps to ultimately lead the balanced, happier, and more satisfying life you envisioned.

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